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Brittiana's Story

Inspiring a Nation

Born with a Mission

On September 1, 1993, an Angel named Brittiana Renee’ Henderson was born with a mission to bring light and love to the entire world. Since birth, Brittiana was “all smiles”, bringing sunshine into the lives of all whom she encountered. “Britt” (as she is affectionately known) had amazing talents for poetry, dancing, acting which she completed 6 national commercials and so much more.

In 2004 at the age of 10, Brittiana was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma (bone cancer). With the heart of a hero, she endured the chemo-therapy, the pain, and a partial knee replacement. Through it all, Brittiana never complained and always found the strength within to take the focus off of herself and put it on others. Britt would visit other children in the hospital and offer them her best; hugs, smiles and special gifts. It was then that her parents Jamie and Shirell Henderson joined with Brittiana to start BrittiCares International (BCI), a non-profit organization dedicated to embracing children diagnosed with cancer through the power of love.

After 10 months of treatment, the chemo was complete and the cancer was in remission. Britt remained in remission for 14 months, until in 2006 she and her family received the baffling news that the cancer had returned, this time as Leukemia (AML).

 Britt Chooses Quality of Life

Brittiana continued her fight with the same faith that brought her through once before. However, this time the prognosis was not good. Brittiana said, “No Chemo, I want quality of life”.   With her family by her side, Britt took on the challenging diagnosis, while maintaining a positive outlook and her infectious smile.  While sometimes weak, Brittiana still found the time to give back to other kids battling cancer, and helped plan the 1st annual Brittiana Smile for Life 5k run/walk which helps raise funds to support BCI’s programs.  Brittiana completed the 3 mile race, (with a partial knee prosthetic) and when crossing the finish line there was no doubt that we were looking into the eyes of a hero.  With overwhelming excitement and a tremendous since of accomplishment, Britt shouted a quote from a poem she wrote “Where I’m From you Never Give Up!” 

On Wednesday; January 31, 2007 Brittiana Renee’ Henderson’s battle with cancer came to an end, but her legacy and journey continues on through the Faith, hope and love that BCI has to offer to the lives of children and families affected by cancer.

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