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Create a Fundraiser

Community Outreach Programs & Fundraisers​

​Community support is very important, and plays a great role in creating and expanding awareness abroad.  BrittiCares encourages communities to get involved with our programs and events, and assist us in developing new ideas that will support our mission of ‘Helping Children Survive Cancer’ one smile at a time.

Create a Fundraiser for BCI
Below is a list of great fundraising ideas to support BrittiCares efforts

  •     Bake Sale/Lemonade or Tea Stand
  •     Bar B Q Dinners
  •     Yard Sale
  •     Car Wash
  •     Have your office, group, organization collect coins
  •     Birth Day Party, shower, wedding, special event etc. (ask for donations to support your cause, in lieu of gifts)

    Your fundraising ideas are valued, as it takes a collective effort to continue to make a difference and create smiles for kids battling cancer.

BCI’s Current/Annual & Ongoing Fundraisers and Community Support
Brittiana Smile For Life 5K run/walk
Koinz 4 Kids (various schools) 
Holiday Smiles Programs – Give Life For Christmas Blood & Toy Drive (Donations, gift cards, toys & gifts are collected from various
sources to help make the event a huge success)
  • NIKE (fundraiser)
  • Converse
  • Pepsi (fundraiser)
  • GMG  (Global Mindset Group) – Holiday Smiles (Britti’s Gifts of Love) Gift Card Drive
  • Baldwin Hills Elementary Book Drive to give personalized books during the holidays to kids battling cancer
  • View Park Prep Middle School (Smile For Life Club) various fundraisers
  • Ventura County Super Star Vocal Competition
  • Lou Dantzler (Smile For Life club) various fundraisers
  • LAPD Cadets (fundraiser)
  • LAPD Parker Center (Hand Knitted Winter Hat Drive for Holiday Smiles) – ‘Thanksgiving with my Family’ Dinner Event
  • One Church International (Holiday Musical Event)
  • Fire Station (Fundraiser)
  • West Angeles Children’s Department
  • Sketchers – Toy & Gift Card drive for “Holiday Smiles” Give Life For Christmas & Britti’s Gifts of Love
Power & Purity (A Mothers Love fundraiser)