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Imagine Me: Programs

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects everyone involved, and for a period of time, hurt, pain and sometime anger and frustration play an overwhelming part of emotions.

‘Imagine Me’ Programs allow patients and their families to redirect their focus into a place where Imaginations can soar, and become a reality filled with memories that will last a lifetime for all involved.      Below, are a few of BrittiCares featured ‘Imagine Me’ programs, including our new ‘I Imagine’ program, which allows a child to put their Imagination to the test, ranging from wanting a special new toy, going on the set of a favorite TV show, walking the red carpet at an event, being a fireman for a day, shopping for a new wardrobe and more.  BrittiCares will do all it possibly can to pass the test with flying colors and create unlimited smiles and joyful memories for that special patient.

What does your child Imagine?  The first “Imagine Me” program (Dream Bedroom Makeover) was inspired by Brittiana Henderson who was surprised with her own bedroom makeover once she arrived home from her first chemo treatment.  When Britts room was revealed, overwhelmed with joy and that huge Britti smile on her face she “Mommy and Daddy I think every kid with cancer should have a room makeover, this has truly helped me take my mind off of what i’m going through”   BrittiCares vision is to  offer every child with cancer an “Imagine Me” experience.

‘Imagine Me’ Bedroom Makeovers:’​ Dream​ Bedroom Makeover’ A custom designed bedroom makeover is a way to allow a child’s imagination to run wild, while distracting them from the emotions and pain of their illness and creating a space of comfort and excitement to call their own. Themes are usually based on a patients wish. Click here to witness the joy.

‘Imagine Me’ Celebrity Wish: ‘Celebrity Wish’ is a way for patients to connect with their favorite celebrity, by creating an opportunity for a short visit with photo opp, or even receiving a phone call or special surprise gift. This connection will truly turn a patient’s imagination into a dream come true. A small sacrifice from a celebrity creates a huge smile for a patient, and is an unforgettable memory for all.

‘Imagine Me’ Dream Party:‘ Dream Party’​ allows a patient to choose a specific themed dream party of their choice, such as a birthday celebration, graduation, special holiday, welcome home gathering, or whatever type of party they imagine.

‘Imagine Me’ I Imagine: Please click on Ways to Care and find out what products and services are needed for our “Imagine Me” programs. Your assistance is appreciated and will truly help make a life changing difference.

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