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1 Corinthians 13:13

"Faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love."

In-Patient Programs

In-Patient Programs: Most children battling cancer are faced with lengthy hospital visits, due to the need for aggressive treatment.  Although lots of love, compassion, and support is given from family members, friends and hospital staff, a sense of loneliness and the unknown still remain a reality.  BrittiCares offers our inpatient programs to promote as much joy and happiness as possible during a hospital stay.​

‘Patient Party Times’: ​Is an enjoyable social outlet for patients of all ages, filled with smiles & laughter, entertainment,  character visits, special guests face painting, arts and crafts, and much more.  

Positive outlets during a hospital stay are recognized by hospital staff as inspiring, motivating and uplifting.  Healthy emotions are essential to any healing process, and can allow the patient to exude a better outlook toward treatment.

‘Thanksgiving with my Family’: ​Is a fun and festive dinner party for patients, family members, friends and staff.   It includes; a full course Thanksgiving meal, live entertainment, gift bags, raffle prizes and more. When patients are in the hospital during the holidays, they are unable to enjoy their day the same as if it were in the comfort of their own  home.   BrittiCares cares creates a warm, yet fun environment for patients  to celebrate with their family and friends and all that participate.

New Patient Care Bags (COMING SOON): Often times when a child is newly diagnosed with cancer, a lengthy hospital stay follows immediately, with no time for preparation of personal items.  These Care Bags include items that can accommodate both patients and parents.  Including; necessary toiletries other important items, activities and special treats.  

​New Patient, ‘Care Bags’ are one of BrittiCares ways of saying to patients and their families “We Love You, and are here for you, from the beginning, during and after treatment”.

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